Criminal Record Removal in Canada

Having a criminal record in Canada doesn't have to be a barrier anymore. Applying for a pardon is a detailed process that may be overwhelming for some people. Second Chance Pardon Services offers an effective, affordable alternative to applying for a Canadian pardon on your own.

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What Is a Criminal Record Purge? PDF Print E-mail

What is a Record Purge Anyway?

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

  • Arrest (not leading to conviction)
  • Charges withdrawn, stayed, dismissed, acquitted
  • Conditional or absolute discharge (prior to 1992)

If so, there may be information about all of these incidents that will continue to show up on record checks

How do I get rid of this information?

If the information is at a Federal level, we can assist you in getting it removed. If the information is held at a Provincial level we can petition on your behalf for its removal.

Do I have a right to have all this information removed?

At the Federal level yes you do. At the Provincial level it is at the discretion of the agency that holds the information. Each agency is unique and has developed policies about what information is kept, how long it is kept and if and when they will consider removing it.

We will take every step possible to get this information removed where policies allow.

What if the agency holding my information says no?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee the removal of your information beyond the Federal level. However, it is important that you try to get any and all information being held about you removed. If you don't try you will never know the result!


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